The Welsh Connection

The creative development of Monument house was imagined and driven by international interior designer Wendy Smith.
Born in Wales, she has travelled extensively and recently relocated to South Africa after 22 years spent working in Asia. Since establishing her signature style Wendy has gone on to create highly bespoke, original interiors.
From high-end residential and commercial spaces in addition to landscaping she combines a sensitivity to the link between indoor and outdoor spaces.

This latest project is created and curated on a wonderful, Welsh whimsical tale of love, travel and inimitable style
From Wales via Singapore, London & San Francisco.
Smitten beyond escape Franschhoek became an obsession, returning back and forth until the right opportunity presented itself, ripe for development.
Recently launched, Monument House is her homage to this unique Victorian Village, an inspired take on Cape Dutch Modernism.

Wendy and her husband Nishan are resident on the estate in Ty Cynefin, the owners house.
*Kuh-nev-in – this signifies factors of our environment that influence us, a relationship to the place of your birth and of your upbringing
It carries with it a sense of rootedness, temporal, physical or spiritual

A Selection of Press from Wendy's Design Career